Covid-19 Update. Open online, essential items now available.
Covid-19 Update. Open online, essential items now available.
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After careful consideration, we have decided to register with MBIE as essential goods business so that we can offer goods that we consider to be essential for maintaining the health and well being of everyone self isolating at home.

Whilst we are completely aware that we all have different opinions as to what should be considered an essential product, we feeling that being able to continue to offer safe and natural skincare products for those who cannot use other options for a lot of different reasons is important.  It is a confusing time for everyone and we are working hard to make sure that we do the right thing as we try to navigate the rapidly changing situation that we are all currently facing.

In order to be able to sell these essential goods to the public, businesses must:

  • Only take orders online or by phone and keep storefronts shut.
  • Take orders for only essential non-food goods.
  • Take all appropriate public health measures to protect their staff and customers (e.g. physical distancing, hygiene basics, appropriate personal protective equipment).
  • Notify MBIE that they meet these conditions and intend to offer essential goods for sale and provide a list of those products. 
  • Delivery for all essential goods in a contactless way, no store pick-ups allowed.

Items listed on our website and considered non-essential, will not be able to be purchased and will be flagged as "sold out"